Investment Facilitation

Investment opportunities for all.

Investment Facilitation

Investment facilitation at Solada Group Inc. is designed to attract foreign investment and maximise the effectiveness and efficiency through all stages of the investment cycle.

Solada Group Inc. provides investment opportunities with the aim of bringing and working with foreign investors and strategic alliance partners on infrastructural development projects in africa.

Through our world-class corporate services, executive development and trade facilitation capabilities, Solada Group Inc. accelerates international business and trade for our clients looking to expand into global markets.

We are constantly looking for new ideas, opportunities and partnerships.




Investment - our task

The result of our work together will be a great harvest. Our company is focused on the comprehensive investment projects. We assure that our collaboration will yield a high return on investment.

Founder/ CEO - Solada Group Worldwide

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Investment quotes

“You can’t find returns in investments you haven’t made”

Clayton Christensen.